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Vince Killen

Vince Killen

Executive Director

T: 705-741-1980 ext. 304 | Email:

Vince Killen is the Executive Director for Community Futures Ontario East. In this position, he provides direction and leadership for the achievement of private sector growth and job creation across Eastern Ontario while pursuing the objectives of the Government of Canada’s Community Futures Program and acts as a spokesman for the corporation in the promotion and delivery of the Network’s programs and services.

He is an accomplished strategic economic development and financial services professional with extensive experience in a range of areas including finance, banking, project management, and government investment strategies for entrepreneurs. Vince joined our organization in 2012, as the SOFII Program Manager and has been instrumental in the success of this important initiative. He has played an active role in funding and commercialization in the knowledge-based industry sectors while creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand into global markets and increase Ontario’s market share for products and services in the global economy. SOFII clients represent a wide array of innovative technologies, products and services. Under Vince’s leadership, SOFII Ontario East has provided over $22 million to multiple early-stage companies to expand sales and marketing, enhance competitiveness, increase market penetration and grow revenues and employee headcount in highly competitive market sectors.

Michelle Cathers

SOFII Loans Manager

T: 705-741-1980 ext. 300 | Email:

Michelle joined our organization in June 2017 as SOFII Loans Manager for Eastern Ontario. She is well versed in Commercial Lending and managing client relationships and this knowledge and experience will be invaluable as she transitions into this unique role.

She has several years of experience, in multiple roles in economic development specifically with Community Futures Peterborough. Michelle began her career in 2006 as a Program Coordinator for the EODP Program then spent six years as the Administration Officer and finally as Business and Loans Advisor since 2014. Prior to this, Michelle managed a small family owned retail store in downtown Peterborough for 5 years.

Christine Forsythe


T: 705-741-1980 ext. | Email:

Christine has twenty years’ experience teaching at the university level. After completing two degrees in Sociology, she taught a wide variety of courses in the Sociology department at Concordia University in Montreal, with a specialized focus on advanced research methods and statistics. She also worked on a number of research studies while at Concordia, including one on the availability of health and social services in rural Quebec.

After moving to Peterborough, Christine continued her teaching career at Trent University. Her concentration was again on research and statistical analysis. At Trent, she tutored students and collaborated on writing reports.

In the private sector, Christine worked for a real estate appraiser in Peterborough. She managed accounts and drafted and edited reports for clients. In that position, she served as an expert witness on multiple regression, a tool employed by some appraisers.

Christine worked as a temp for the Eastern Ontario CFDC Network in the summer of 2015, and was hired as full time staff member in October 2015.

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